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Our Company

Sharp Designs has been actively building web pages since the Web began (around late 1992). In 1995, the Internet opened it's doors to commerce, allowing companies and organizations to join the World Wide Web community. In no time at all (at least, it seems that way), everybody who was anybody had a web site. We quickly realized the potential of the web design business, as we noticed the exponential growth of web sites from 1992 - Present.

In late 1997, Sharp Designs opened for business as a supplier of Web services and customized design and development. We began looking for clients who wanted to take advantage of the business potential of the Web, either as an extenstion of their existing business, or as a new business entirely.

Sharp Designs was co-founded by Dan and Melissa Sharp. Since it's inception, Sharp Designs has employed the services of a number of partners and contractors to provide the maximum quality to our clients. The unique combination of skills, knowledge, experience and partnerships provide just the right mix for building and maintaining exceptional web sites, as well as providing other Internet-related services.

What We Do

Sharp Designs is a full-featured Web design and maintenance organization. We have years of experience designing web sites of all different flavors for all sorts of purposes. See the services page for a complete listing of the services we offer.

In addition to Web design, we provide a complete array of web and computer related services. At Sharp Hosting we offer a complete set of Web site hosting and domain registration services. Through Sharp Computing we provide technical services at an hourly or project rate. Hire us for your next programming or design task! Finally, we can help you set up your home or small business network via Sharp Networking.

For more information, or to request a proposal,
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